3 Easy Ways to Get in Shape for the New Year

Despite our best intentions, we may have eaten a little too much over the holidays. Now is not the time to fret over enjoying those indulgences. Let's work together to get that body of yours in a size and shape that you'll love to see:

Meal Planning
Throw out that word, "diet". Diets have negative connotations of depriving and starving your body. That will only make you think about food more often, and test your self-control beyond the strongest-willed person's abilities. In 2017, we'll use meal planning to explore all of the wonderful food choices that you can eat. Younger Reflections can provide food choices that have great variety, flavor, satisfy your hunger, and help you lose the excess pounds.
It's not only what we put into our bodies that gives us the ability to lose weight. We also have to raise the metabolism and burn fat. The Younger Reflections exercise program can give you fun activities that will shed tens of pounds, and some have lost over 100. Younger Reflections will help with setting up an exercise routine and make sure you perform the exercises with proper form so you are less likely to injure yourself.
Body Contouring
For those looking to lose an inch or two in just the right places, consider our Lipo-Light body contouring program. Unlike other body contouring methods you may have heard, Lipo-Light is the painless way to get the shape you want. Whether it's that muffin top you'd like to get rid of, toning up your butt, or slimming anywhere the curve just doesn't seem right to you, we can help you get results in as little as one to three weeks!

However you would like to get the body you desire, Younger Reflections looks forward to helping you achieve your goals in 2017.



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