How Couples Hold Each Other Accountable for Weight Loss

Losing weight can seem like an uphill battle. It's tough to cook food that your family will love and that will help you lose the pounds. Cooking two different meals, a healthy one for you, and a hearty one for the rest of the family is twice the effort. Who has time for that?

Welcome to a different type of "Couples Therapy". This one is for weight loss, and we can get you both cheering each other. You will get a comprehensive weight loss strategy that includes nutrition supplements, fat elimination, fun exercise routines, and meal plan training to keep the weight off.

For February only, we are offering a two-for-one special on our weight loss package. You'll get:

  • Vitamin B-12 for energy
  • Vitamin complex to work as an appetite suppressant
  • Proprietary spray for under the tongue twice a day to stimulate the brain to release the fat, and
  • Weekly coaching to change your eating habits and/or activity level.

Hurry, there is room in our schedule for only 6 weight loss couples.

To take advantage of this special weight loss program, schedule an appointment at (702) 878-8873.