Touch Up Your Face, Not Your Photos

Beauty trends come and go, but the safer and more effective treatments stick with us. Younger-looking skin is often a target for new, untried products. One of the fads that got immensely popular, starting in 2002, was Botox. For short-term use, it helped to reduce wrinkles. However, researchers from the University of Calgary have discovered that as Botox paralyzes the muscles that produced wrinkles it can cause those muscles to atrophy, grow weaker, with the possibility of facial sagging.

A better method for reducing wrinkles in the face is not to deaden the muscles, but actually to strengthen them. Microcurrent technology has been used since 1980, when Dr. Thomas W. Wing first developed the device. It has been used to treat Bell’s palsy, muscle paralysis, and is regularly used to reduce facial wrinkles.

The FDA-approved treatment is very relaxing. The wands generate a low-level electrical current under the skin. The muscles tighten and you may feel a little vibration from the wands' energy. Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes, and are repeated as often as needed.