Weight Management

Try as we may, controlling our weight is a never-ending struggle. A combination of factors in the modern age work against our weight management goals.


What with taking care of our careers and our family, it seems there is little time left for ourselves. Yet we do others a disservice when we don't perform at our peak. Time management practices can protect your much-needed "Me Time" and start resolving the next two contributing factors to weight gain. "Me Time" is for you to meditate, stretch or work out. Can we agree to give ourselves the gift of 15 minutes per day to make sure we are taking care of our bodies? You are worth that much needed time.


Our lack of time for ourselves impacts our stress levels. When our adrenaline is amped for long periods of time, cortisol can build up around our waist giving us that unflattering muffin top. Stress makes us reactive to our environment instead of proactive. We do whatever it takes to get rid of the hottest priority that we don't have time to resolve it in the most effective manner. As a result, the priority usually returns, often worse than when we had left it. Our stress increases, and with it our waistline. Take the time to plan strategically with whatever life throws at us, and you will discover that you have more time throughout the day, not less.

Convenience Food

Advertising has convinced us to sacrifice healthy food choices for convenience food. Whether it is the ease of going through the drive-thru lane, stopping by the vending machine for a quick snack, or ordering delivery, we are buying a quick calorie infusion at the cost of our health. Healthy food can be convenient, and give us the natural boost in energy when we need it most. When it comes to convenience and taste, nothing beats a piece of fruit--it even comes in its own biodegradable skin. We must train ourselves to learn or relearn the healthy habits from the harmful ones.

As you can see, weight management is more involved than a diet and exercise program. It is a lifestyle shift to engage with our environment at a more conscious level. Whatever your fitness goals are, we can help you achieve success every step of the way. Younger Reflections excels at helping people just like you take a look at your entire picture to identify which areas need to be improved. These items may appear to have no initial connection to weight management, but we believe your weight concerns are a result of other life management issues that are interfering with you discovering the body you deserve to have.

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